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My name is Sebastian Jaroszynski. I am a founder of Reclaim Your Light and facilitator of remote energy healing sessions.

Fascination with human beings and curiosity for the world in general have led me through bumpy meanders of life. Contagious optimism on the outside allowed me to open many doors.

And yet there were feelings of sadness and loneliness deep within that I could not understand. It took many years of learning experiences, traumatic events mashed up with inner promptings that opened the cage I have been living in.

The passion for helping others to reach their highest potential express in my dedication to energy healing work. Reclaiming my own light, love, compassion and deeper understanding of life`s challenges, put together the tool box of wisdom, that I lovingly share with you.


The interest in holistic medicine was present in my life from early teenage hood. Growing up in Silesia, the most industrial part of Poland, and during an era of big changes, exposed me to environmental, social and personal aspects of daily life transformation. These experiences touched my curiosity very deeply and turned into ongoing studies of complexity of interactions on individual and collective levels.

Through mind development workshops, Forestry School, Medical Technical school, crystal work and aromatherapy workshops, I have been exploring various ideas of holistic life style and medicine. It has been fascinating to experience their applications and potency myself and people around me. There is much more to the healing processes than meets the eye.   

My training and knowledge come from work with world class Energy Practitioners including Don Oscar Miro-Quesada, Jona Bryndis, Jeff Casper, David Crow and Judy Hall. Also, I have been studying Dr. David R. Hawkins teachings. I have completed certification program with Transcodes as Level I and II TransCOACH and Level IV TransCOACH - ENERGY CLEARINGS. I am also training in the field of aromatherapy and herbs, including Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine.