Integrity Sessions - Energy Healing

Integrity Sessions - Energy Healing

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Remote Integrity Sessions - Energy Healing - Grace Integrity Transmission

We strive to have happy life and abundance of wealth and health. While each of us might perceive happiness in a different way, there are certain aspects that are common to all of us.   

Terms like self-doubt, judgement, mental looping, critical inner voice or superiority become part of our daily life and self-identification. There are moments when we ask ourselves, “Why I reacted this way?” We do our inner investigation, blame ourselves or others, and make a promise to act differently in the future. And yet, after a while we find ourselves at the same corner repeating the cycle. We are so used to it, that even though it brings the feeling of struggle and disappointment, at the same time it feels familiar and safe creating our false identity.

Grace Integrity transmission is a remote energy healing modality that addresses those and other issues by supporting emotional integration and deep energetic self-healing. It helps to identify, let go and integrate ego-attachments, old patterns and programs that run our lives. In 3 sessions you will receive full download of transformative Grace Integrity transCODE. You will initiate the process of becoming whole in your life, rediscovering your self-healing power.

After the session you will receive full report of observed processes, and emotional, mental and etheric patterns in your energy field. With this inner road map, you may gain better understanding of your life that is manifesting today. Your blocks, restrictions, limitations, inner sentiments could shift from aspects that hold you back into navigation points on the path of reclaiming your light.  

Whether you are new to energy work or already had some experience with it, coaching session is highly recommended. It will help you to better contextualize what was observed during energy session and find the way to apply it into your daily transition. It may also include customized suggestions of aromatherapy and herbs to support you on this journey.

Grace Integrity transCODE is very transformative in nature and goes deeply into each part of your energy. Once initiated, combined with your willingness to face your inner world it will continuously help you to unwind and heal hidden or unwanted aspects. By actively engaging in your daily practice to shift what is not beneficial, you take full responsibility of your life experience.

Grace Integrity remote energy session is not an event. It is a part of the journey of stepping into your True Self-awareness, helping you to reclaim your light, your self-healing power.