Clearing Sessions - Energy Clearing

Clearing Sessions - Energy Clearing

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Clearing sessions:
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Remote Energy Clearing Sessions

Remote energy clearing sessions are a great way to start your journey of self-discovery. Different from Grace Integrity transmission sessions, energy clearings are a direct form of interaction with your energy. They aid in identifying and clearing energetic blocks, dissonances and attachments in your energy field, including physical, emotional, mental and etheric aspects. They also help to assess the energy flow in your system and unveil the patterns that express in unwanted or non-beneficial ways.  

After the session you will receive a full report that includes details on what was discovered and worked on, as well as observed patterns and dynamics. With this knowledge you become more aware of your energy flow. It facilitates better understanding of yourself, your behaviors and manifesting experiences. To help you go deeper, you can choose the option with discounted coaching session (30-45 min.). It gives you an opportunity to further contextualize what was found and worked on, and provide an overview of strategies to overcome hidden pitfalls. 

As the overlay of emotional, mental and etheric build-up becomes lighter, you have more energy and courage to focus on re-framing aspects that do not serve you anymore. To support your ongoing personal work and self-healing processes, Grace Integrity and Coaching Sessions are highly recommended.