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integrative energy healing

Recycle your life

Reflections bring details woven deeply into one’s life experiences.

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Hello everyone, thank you for sharing your time with me.
My name is Sebasto Oro.
I would like to invite you to dive into my words. Divine of my world, if you will.
I am about to share with you how I got to “recycle” my life.




Upon reflecting on many aspects of life, I began to see how the concept
of recycling is a coherent strategy found in nature. I grew up in Silesia,
the most industrial region of Poland, and during an era of big changes.
Throughout my life I have had a great interest in the impact of the growing
human population on nature. A few years ago, I learned about ‘Earthships’;
one of the most versatile, economical and eco-friendly designs for off-grid
dwellings. I fell in love with them. Recently, I applied to the Earthship Academy
and got accepted. I am now looking for creative and sustainable ways to fund
my education. I came to the conclusion that I must recycle my life to do so.
Being an immigrant, I have been exposed to many faces of isolation. I have had
a wide gamut of life experiences, great and traumatic, yet all the while being
an artistic soul and Jack of many trades. The question that I bring to myself
is how do I re-cycle and circulate my life experiences to support my learning
about Earthships, which like my life and creative inspiration, are also made
of recyclable materials?
I would like to offer for sale, prints of my photographs and other art media
and create a ‘go fund me’ donation website. I hope that with your generosity
I can fulfill my calling, and complete the Earthship Academy. Upon graduation,
I would like to build Earthships in under-served communities and use the space
to hold workshops for people to learn how to recycle their pasts to build fulfilling

I look forward to connecting with those individuals and organizations
who find intersecting concepts between their future plans and those
ideas here,
of recycling life inside and out.



Let these photographs help you find beautiful reflections on your intimate stories.
Let your generosity help me fulfill the calling, recycle my life and bring these ideas to others...

Love & Light,

Sebasto Oro