~ The art of being present ~

Holistic healing practices are deeply intertwined with human history. Looking closer at different cultures around the globe we can find many common qualities. Through symbols, customs or rituals that convey physical and spiritual reality, we seek to bring balance to our lives.

While many of us look for “a golden pill” that would quickly cure symptoms of imbalance or dis-ease, we often overlook the deeply rooted hidden dynamics underneath.

Energy healing work allows us to rediscover our complexity, and with it the feeling of wholeness. It amplifies the awareness of physical, emotional, mental and etheric parts of our being and helps us to harmonize them.

Uncovering the roots of imbalance helps restore inner unity. It helps to heal symptoms and shifts our perception from “this is happening to me” to “this is happening for me”. While becoming mindful of our inner road map, we also learn the art of being present with ourselves and others.