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Everything within and around you is based on a complex dynamic of interactions. Your choices, conscious and unconscious define your experiences and your expression of life. By exploring your hidden aspects, you make a decision to take control over the spinning wheel of your life.

My mission is to assist you on this path of discovery. Putting together an array of holistic wisdom allows me to help you navigate through healing processes and provide needed tools for each step of your journey. Make a conscious choice to reclaim your light through your self healing power and make your life flourish!


Remote energy healing sessions

Holistic healing practices are deeply intertwined into human history. Looking closer at different cultural aspects: symbols, customs or practices around the globe, we could find common qualities. Perception of physical and spiritual reality, as well as manifestation of imbalances brings all of them together in search for life`s equilibrium. While many of us look for “a golden pill” that would cure experienced symptoms of imbalance or dis-ease, we might not see deeply rooted dynamics that reveal through them.

Energy healing work allows us to rediscover our complexity, and with it the feeling of wholeness. It works through physical, emotional, mental and etheric parts of our being, unveiling the road map of our patterns, propensities and unhealed fragments of our energy.

Remote energy healing sessions provide a safe environment to face and heal hidden aspects that led to imbalance in your life. They give you the opportunity to shift your energy into more beneficial and harmonious state, bringing forth a deeper understanding of your life experiences.

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Free initial energy coaching session (30 min.)

In our fast paced daily life there is not much time for reflections and deeper understanding of experiences. We often perceive and react to them based on the surface content, while being navigated by autopilot of our own inner dynamics.

The free initial energy coaching session gives you a space to share your journey and gain more clarity regarding how energy healing work might help you to switch from living on autopilot of hidden aspects into True Self awareness.

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Fascination with human beings and curiosity for the world in general have led me through bumpy meanders of life. Contagious optimism on the outside allowed me to open many doors.

And yet there were feelings of sadness and loneliness deep within that I could not understand. It took many years of learning experiences, traumatic events mashed up with inner promptings that opened the cage I have been living in.

The passion for helping others to reach their highest potential express in my dedication to energy healing work. Reclaiming my own light, love, compassion and deeper understanding of experienced life challenges, put together the tool box of wisdom, that I lovingly share with you.

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I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with Sebastian. It sent me down a path of self-discovery into aspects about myself that I hadn’t perceived before. Some aspects, which anyone would feel too afraid to touch. But with his kindness and support, I felt confident to start tackling them. I got introduced to a wealth of wisdom that has fundamentally changed my viewpoint and understanding of energy work. I also appreciate the strategies he’s offered me as a coach and his persistence in helping assimilate them into my daily life. I wholeheartedly, recommend him to anyone looking to expand their horizons or seek guidance in tackling life’s challenges while bringing more fulfillment into this lifetime.
With gratitude,
Sreedevi G.
Chicago, IL
Thank you Sebasto for a beautiful experience during our remote energy session. I felt a lot of releasing and healing in many parts of my body. You held the space for me with so much love, I could easily relax and I followed my heart into a deeper inner state allowing all to be felt. Thank you for the detailed session report where you pin pointed all the aspects and elements that were felt in my field. I must say this created a map or guidelines to continue my own work. I am grateful especially for your coaching. It allowed more of inner processing as well as it brought clarity to certain patterns I’ve been coping with.
May your work expand with many clients.
With gratitude,
Margo B.
Prescott, AZ
I sincerely thank Sebastian for including me in the healing energy session, totally a new experience giving me insight and awareness of self. He took time to create for me a detailed report of my readings with observations on emotional and mental patterns which stirred my thoughts to understand my inner self . The essential oils he provided me for the wholistic treatment was truly comforting. The suggestions given by him basing on my readings were eye opening. It is rare to find kind, considerate and respectful interaction and i felt heard in the sessions with him. I wholeheartedly recommend working with him.
May he help more and more people to acquire peace and solace.

Thanks and regards.
Sreekantha G.