You are not your mind - connecting with your emotions

Do you visit botanic gardens or conservatories in your region? It is such a treat, especially as we welcome spring. Few days ago I had visited the Chicago Botanic Garden to see an Orchid show. What a blessing!

Wandering through pathways of those mysterious plants brought all sorts of reflections about our human perception. From “what a beauty”, “such an amazing fragrance” to recollections of past memories. Interestingly, a lot of what was coming up had nothing to do with the observed plants.

If you have not had a chance to visit such places, do you still recall memories of warm days when you had been wandering in nature sites? Maybe you remember chirping birds, bugs flying around, flowers, grass and trees playing with the wind. There is a beauty of harmony in seemingly perceived chaos. The invisible flow we are a part of.

What is the flow that animates all that we can perceive? How much can our conscious mind translate the subtle subconscious?

As human beings we have been trying to answer these questions for millennia. Many people have dedicated their lives to answer it through scientific research or spiritual contemplative studies.

While these questions are very tempting and hard to get a grasp on, you may experience your daily life quite differently. Jumping from one task to another following your routine, time to time pushed overboard. Some things feel familiar, others accidental. You end up with a set of accomplishments and failures, not necessarily feeling the flow or connection.

So, where does this singularity come from? Let`s take a quick peek.

Can you recall the last time you saw something new? Do you remember your reaction? Quite likely it was “it reminds me of” or “it looks like”. Similarly you can see it in interactions with others. Your mind tirelessly tries to connect what is perceived or sensed with something familiar. That is its job, to analyze and in conjunction with our ego, to keep us safe.

Yet, when exposed to something like beauty, feelings or emotions, it starts to lose its ground without understandable contrast. To make it easier, it comes up with “an object” to compare or associate with.

Next time you experience something new, take a note. It is truly fascinating to observe these inner mechanics That is what happened when I was looking at the orchids, trying to feel into an ancient botanical intelligence in its elegant expression.

So, what can you do to work with your mind to better experience your feelings and emotions? Here is a simple exercise you can try for deeper connection without losing your mind over it.

Nature offers us a high vibrational canvas to learn about our inner strokes. If you can, go to a forest preserve, a park, or even for a walk in the neighborhood. Note your thoughts and slowly shift your focus to simple sensations, like a breeze on your face, the sun shimmering through tree branches, birds chirping and singing spring tones, a smell of waking soil.

When you do so, notice your mental attitude and thoughts that try to carry your focus away. Is there “an object” in your thoughts? Is it about him, her or any particular situation? Try to drop it and shift from “what is it or who is it about” to “how does it feel”. Most likely it will trigger your mind`s resistance at first, but with a bit of patience, you may be able to connect with the emotions lurking beneath your thoughts. You may also feel into your bodily sensations associated with them.

Be with them for some time, allowing all that comes up without pushing it away. Now take a deep breath and look around you, feel the subtle embrace of a breeze, the sunlight, sounds that surround you and smells in each inhalation. Allow it all to penetrate your body and notice your sensations as they arise. If at any time you feel overwhelmed, either by your mind or emotions, you can say “I am here and allow my Higher Self to guide me through all that is revealed”. While embracing your feelings, send gratitude to your energy for all that came up, for all you have experienced, even if your mind would try to judge and evaluate. Remember? This is its job.

You can adapt the principals of this exercise to different set-ups, make it your own. Most importantly, remember that your emotions do not need an object to be felt. Your mind and ego need it.

This simple exercise can improve your connection with the emotional baggage you carry around all day long. It can help you become more compassionate towards yourself and others. You may also feel how it influences your body and its functions.

During your busy days, it might be hard to make time for nature and visit natural sites. So, for this exercise you could also enjoy connecting with plants that you have at home. I have had deeply reflective time, while observing the Venus fly traps I have been caring for over several years. Ongoing dance of fields of attraction, but this might be a theme for another post.

Much love and deep connection with the flow to you all!

Sebasto Oro