First steps toward the unknown...

Dear Supporters of all kind,

I am very grateful for all your gifts, your donations and words of encouragement. I feel empowered by your acts of heart. Thank you!

There are many steps of preparation for each participant of the Earthship Island project. There is almost nothing there, the Kenawa Island is very tiny with few very simple huts and lot of open space. You can check it out here:

The Earthship academy requirements for this project include not only regular camping gear like tent and sleeping pads. Along with our great will to make it happen, we need to buy and bring our own tools. Rubber gloves, protective glasses, pencils and markers, grout sponges, a hammer, a tool apron, even a pool trowel. Here is my ready to go set:


The cost of academy session alone is $2000, plus airplane and buses tickets (over $1000) and some extra money for breakfasts and evening meals. Lunches and dinners are provided as well as lot of camping ground :-) Even though I had many reasons on mind creating this donation/support campaign, the set of presented costs was definitely on that list. Let me say it out loud again. THANK YOU!

 The simple outline of rules for the project has one very important point: Everything need to be eco-friendly, reef-safe and recyclable. This project is about to prove that new human settlements can be and should be done with the least impact possible on natural surroundings. With your help in less than two weeks I will join forces of almost 60 people to make it real! In just one month we are about to build one Earthship. There are more to come in the future. Your help and support today, shape that future by your acts of heart. Thank you!

To be continued…      

Sebasto Oro